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What to buy in Croatia

Many travelers are constantly having such an important issue as "what to take with them as memories of Croatia?"

For ardent shoppers Croatia is not that fittingly place, although you can buy a lot of things of Italian brands. There are some decent interesting local products.

You can buy excellent silk ties for men, their styles and colors are absolutely stunning as well as its diversity. Jewelry of silver and gold will be a good buy too. Jewelry from Rijeka is also noteworthy - "morchish" presented by brooches, pins, tendons in the form of a small head (similar to Venetian "mopetto"). Croatian souvenirs are traditional woolen products, ceramics and embroidery. You can bring an original souvenir as Brachsky stone from Middle Dalmatia. This stone from the island of Brac is very famous: it was used in the construction of the Capitol in the United States of America. Also, Dalmatian lace will be the original souvenir, which is knit in a convent in the town of Trogir. Almost everywhere you can buy handmade products with embroidery (handkerchiefs and napkins), and beautiful carpets and tapestries. The best lace is made on this island of Pag, and the best embroidery with gold and silver is to be found in Osijek.




Along with the traditional tourist souvenirs, magnets, key chains, plates, postcards, miniature replicas of historic monuments, flavored sea salt in the original jars, decorative candles (they make them in Rovinj right on the street), Lavender Soap (the best in Hvar), aromatic oils and dried grass in bags become popular. All this will be nice to remind you of your trip to Croatia.

To entertain friends and family at home, it is recommended to buy a delicious cheese «paskisir», which is maintained by a special recipe in olive oil. The best cheeses are made on the islands (especially on Pag) - there is more salty soil there, so the sheep give ideal gourmet cheese milk. In addition to the cheese you can buy traditional bitter and herbal liqueurs and honey. Cherry liqueur from Zadar called "Maraschino" is extremely popular in Croatia. Wine will be a wonderful gift. Anywine, even young, though it will be of vintage quality. Now Croatia has officially reported more than seven hundred wines, seventy-six of which are considered to be elite.




A bottle of olive oil will be an excellent acquisition, it is quite expensive, but of very high quality (considered to be the best oil from Korcula). Another exquisite delicacy of Croatia are Istrian truffles that can be purchased in souvenir shops and usual stores.
Croatian cakes (paprenjaci), dried fig jam and chocolate with chili Croatian are also very delicious . And in Samobor (around Zagreb) we will advise you to buy local mustard.

In Croatia, you can get some good paintings. The beautiful landscapes and exceptional architecture are very realistic, carried on the large and small canvases. The most comfortable galleries are lost among the narrow streets of ancient cities of Istria and Dubrovnik, Rovinj and Grozhnyane. A larger and more representative picture gallery can be visited in Zagreb.

The gift list is endless, but the best gift that Croatia can offer is a good rest and positive emotions.




Where to spend the money.
Most resorts have a major tourism markets, which are often located on the waterfront (as in Opatija) and in the port area (as in Krk). Usually you buy the goods of mass production, but if you try, you can find some handmade souvenirs. We can recommend a number of galleries and shops, which differ in quality products and high level of service.


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