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Cavtat is a Croatian resort city, situated on the peninsula, twenty kilometers south of Dubrovnik, buried in the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. Around the city there are two wooded bays on where you can find private villas, a few nice hotels, lots of nice restaurants, surrounded by fruit orchards and palm trees.


The mild Mediterranean climate prevails here: average summer temperature is around 30 + degrees, what makes sand and pebble beaches never empty. Cavtat offers excellent opportunities for sports fans: you can go diving, fishing, tennis and cycling. In twenty minutes drive you will find the theme park called «Prevlaka», where you can wander through the old fort, play paintball with your friends, climbing, or ride on the tourist trains.

In the mountains and in the coastal zone there are many footpaths leading to the places where you will see breathtaking views. Perhaps the main peculiarity of Cavtat is its ability to mesmerize, relax and calm down, give a powerful charge of the stamina.



In Cavtat there have been preserved several medieval monuments: St. Nicolaus Church with belfry, constructed in the Baroque style, the tomb of Racic and the princes palace.
On the main pier you can take boat trips on the boat for a fish picnic or for a simple excursion to the islands. On one of these islands, Supetar, all the tourists try to visit the most famous night club named "Robinson". For those who is interested in night life: you can always visit casinos and discos in hotels «Albaros» and «Croatia».


For gourmets: many restaurants offer dishes for everyone, you can taste dishes of national cuisine and the freshest seafood, all of this you can find in «Leut», «Rocotine», «Dalmacija» and «Ivan».


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