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Vela Luka


Vela Luka is located on one of the biggest islands – Korcula island (area of 279.03 sq.m. ) covered with thick pine forests. It is a Mediterranean balneo-mud resort of dry tropics and the legend says that it was founded by dardanian hero Anteron. Moderate sun, mild climate, inundable mud of the Calais Bay located in the western part of Korcula Island served as a wonderful factor for building «Kalos» Institute for Rehabilitation. The most advanced equipment is backed by healing potential of nature in this medical center. The beautiful landscapes of Dalmatia, crystal-clear sea, air full of pine aroma and traditions of Croatian hospitality make Vela Luka unforgettable.


Average January temperature is about + 9 degrees and up to + 29 degrees in July. Water temperature is + 23 degrees, and it warms up to + 28 degrees near the shore. You can see 30 meters deep through the water. Most of the beaches are shingle.

The major medical procedures are mud baths, thalassotherapy, galvanic mud, balneological treatment, massage, therapeutic exercise in a pool and physiotherapy full range of which is presented here by advanced diagnostics and therapeutic equipment.

Major indications for treatment are rheumatism, diseases of inflammatory and degenerative genesis (musculoskeletal system), rehabilitation after operations, injuries and blood strokes, nervous system diseases (including vertebrogenic), cyphosis, discopathy, gynecological and skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermia), children cerebral palsy and children musculoskeletal system diseases.


All hotels of Vela Luka match the surrounding landscape perfectly and posses incomparable local color. «Poseidon», «Adria», «Dalmatia» and «Jadran» can hold 760 visitors – apartments, luxe, 1/1 and 1/2 rooms are available .


If you prefer sport and active rest, tennis and yacht competitions are organized here. Various volleyball and basketball courts are located inside the hotels territory. Besides, an Underwater swimming center is located in Vela Luka. It is a perfect choice for those who love windsurfing, surfing and yachting.


There are lots of historical and architectural monuments on Korcula Island. In Vela Spila caves near Vela Luka the evidences of early settlements of Neolithic age were found. You can see findings from the caves and the numismatic collection in the cultural center of the town.

In times of the Greek colonization (6th – 5th century B.C.) in Korcula, which was calles korkula Melaina, near Blato a Greek colony was located. Besides, settlements near Vela Luka Тalso existed during the times of the Roman Empire. The Cathedral of St. Mark (the 14th century) was renovated a few times and now possesses elements of gothic and renaissance. In the house where legend says Marco Polo was born a small but interesting museum is organized.


In summer in the streets of Vela Luka a famous game known since the 15th century and called «moreska» is organized. Every year on the 24th of June a regatta is held which is dedicated to St. John. In July and August you can attend numerous exhibitions and concerts. Buses cruise between all towns and villages of Korcula and Dubrovnik is near Vela Luka you can get there in course of a boat tour.


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