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In the orifice of the Cetina river, a small town Omis is placed. Its population is about 10000 people. Thanks to its unique geographical location the town was a reliable defense for pirates robbing Venetian ships. Nowadays it is interesting too, both historically and culturally. Air of this town is full of atmosphere of seashore, Dinaric Mountains and Cetina River. Due to the fact that the town is located at the both banks of Cetina river the town is a unique resort. You can lie on comfortable sand and shingle beaches; if you are fond of mountain climbing the mountains of Omis will be perfect for you.


Thanks to its sea neighbor, a lot of sport and entertainment events are available. Local cuisine is amazing. Rafting (floating down the river on rafts) is quite popular here. The «Mirabella» watchtower is located here: its spire can be seen from almost any palace and from «Stari grad» which used to be a pirate fortress placed t the mountain top. You have to go more that 300 meters up, but it’s worth it as here opens an incredible view on the town and the Cetina Gorge. Besides that all you get a great chance to enjoy excursion program. Not far from here the town of Split and Makarska Riviera. from where ferries go to Brac island, are located.



Brac island is famous for its beach «Golden Horn» which form changes by waves and wind.All peculiarities let us call this island the perfect resort for people who want to enjoy appeasement, unity with nature and inner harmony as nothing will extract them from that here.



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