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This is a tourist center located 15 kilometers away from Sibenik. Its hotels are placed along the coast in a fabulous park. Clean shingle beaches, warm sea, wide range of night entertainment, lots of restaurants, bars, small cozy cafes, clubs and discos create amazing atmosphere of careless rest.



The first settlement referred to the area of Vodice dates back from the prehistoric age. Further on, it seems that one of the main Roman roades went through this area, making it later move to the coastline. This coastline will later on become a point of largest export of fresh drinking water during the 19th Century.

Therefore, it is no surprise that this relatively small place had at that time already one of the largest "Rivas" (coast built in stone), quite unproportioned to the towns own size. The "Riva" was place that besides the trade, was home to everyday life of the locals. Water is a phenomenon related since ever to Vodice. Finally, that is how its name had derived (voda - Croatian word for water). Today, the very center of Vodice is a square named The square of Wells, in honor to the great history that came out of them. If you throw in it a coin for luck today, while your vacation is not over you will find your wish already coming true.

During the centuries, Vodice were being attacked in various occasions, mostly from the Turks. In the newer history as well, Vodice people were defending this area during the Croatian Independance war of the 90s. Today, the proud habitants occupy mostly with tourism business, that has been present here in organized form for over 50 years now. The rich history has left also the trace in the number of old summer mansions that were build by the aristocrats of Šibenik in the past.


Places of rest


The most attractive beach in Vodice is called Hangar and is located right next to the major Vodice hotels. Here you will find all attractions for you and your family like the slides for the children, jet ski, sandy playgrounds, trampolines, renting bananas, diving school etc. Besides, you will be able to find a nice place to eat, whether you are looking for a simple and budget option, or you would like to taste a hogh quality meal in one of the restaurants.


If you happen to be of the more active lifestyle, beach bar Hookah is here to make you feel the real vibe! Enjoy the whole day tasting cocktails and having rest on the comfortable easy chairs. In the afternoon, get your self prepared for the after party craze.


The beaches in Srima

To get the more peaceful relaxation with your family we recommend having your swim and sunbathing on the beaches in Srima, that literally all connected along the whole Srima, one after another. Here, you will feel much safer with small children, in intimate atmosphere. Even thought there are not as many attractions as the main beaches, you will be able to find you place in shade to enjoy the lemonade, coffee, beer or an icecream. If you wish to get the additional relaxation, you can also enjoy a massage by the sea, feeling the breeze over your body.


The Blue Beach (Plava Plaža)

This beach is also one of the Vodice hot spots, especially because it is located so close to the city centre. It is also one of the locals favorite beaches, so you can easily make friends with them by playing "picigin" in the shallow water! The beach is equiped by the mini-golf playground, diving, pedalines and other fun activities as well as a variety of meals served whole day!


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