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This town is the biggest achiever in the tourism industry in Croatia. Productive clean Adriatic Sea is the main factor of its popularity. Big part of old architecture survived till today. Traditional low Croatian buildings, narrow paved streets and green squares are typical of this town. It is located on an island surrounded by 22 other small islands and this is what makes the coast so amazing. If you come here in summer you can attend the International pop festival, International Regatta or International Photo Festival.


All we can say is this is a beautiful medieval town where fabulous architecture and tile roofs exist in harmony. The town was founded in the 17th century. Today it is a popular resort and elite tourist center. The coast length is 67 kilometers. Rovinj is popular due to its modern hotels, various cultural monuments, sport facilities and exhibitions. Tourists can relax in a café, restaurant, bar or «Monvi» entertainment center.

The town has remained a popular sea recreation center and the perfect place for elite recreation for centuries. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular resorts in Europe and the best one in Croatia which offers lots of hotels and modern developed infrastructure. Different cultural events, shows, exhibitions and sport events are regularly held here. Besides, Rovinj is listed as a port participating in the International Regatta. Rovinj is a popular tourist center in Croatia mainly due to its modern and developed infrastructure, marvelous view enriched with numerous architectural monuments and cultural heritage.



You can enjoy shingle beaches here. If you enter the water, just five meters from the shore you will be stepping on ratchets but you still will be able to go farther. Along the shore there are small bays which are perfect choice if you want to swim with your family or children. You can also swim right from the cliffs which are located near many hotels. The beaches actually are not always able to let you enjoy a developed infrastructure (restraints, bars, showers), but this drawback can easily be compensated for by amazing nature, beautiful views of the old town and the islands. There are a few nude beaches here.


In early morning the old town and port of Rovinj become a popular place for fishers, fish markets. In the noon they are filled with tourists, excursions and souvenir stores. In the afternoon they are one big tavern-café-cake shop under sky. In the evening they are filled with lovers walking up paved streets and tiny squares to a big cathedral topped with a statue of Rovinj protector – little St. Eufimia which happened not to be attacked by wild animals

After opening of entertainment center «Monvi» the town is one of the most cheerful places. A few cocktail-bars, Italian pizzeria, Mexican restaurants, night bar, open scene for concerts are located here.



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