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Tucepi and Podgora are two amazing small tourist oases located in the middle of Dalmatia, only 780 kilometers to south from Split. Fuzzy pines cover the resorts on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain – the highest mountain in Mediterranean. The region consists of number of settlements where little stone houses are built and which are full of vineyards, olive forests and old churches. Some people say that you can see the real beauty of Croatian south only in Podgora – in the territory of resorts famous for its natural beauty. They are called the pearls of Adriatic coast with park sceneries and a 3 kilometer beach with a flay sea-bed.


The coastline is stuffed with coves. Clean water, extended shingle beach, availability of miscellaneous entertainment are preserved here. Pines and magnolias keep the air phenomenally fresh. All this provides the region with unique color which makes it the perfect choice. The distance between the objects needed for comfortable accommodation and recreation is minimal here. Within 100 kilometers sea range, cliffs, fertile flatlands and hills covered with forests are located here. Of course it’s hard to say that Croatian towns are pleasure resorts of Croatia, but you can be sure that there is no other place in Europe where sea is as clean as here.



3 of 7 national parks enlisted in UNESCO heritage are located not far from here. Thanks to the location of Makara Riviera you can easily visit Montenegro and famous catholic pilgrim center Mejdugorje, which is located in Bosnia Herzegovina. Makara Riviera is located between two big towns Split and Dubrovnik that is why you can easily visit these places. The excursion program contains 15 items but it can be expanded. Croatia has long history but the variety of preserved culture monuments created in the 1st-2nd century can’t be found anywhere else in Europe.



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Вечер в Сплите в конце сентября

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Хорватия чрезвычайно богата своим природным многообразием. Побывать в Хорватии и не увидеть ее знаменитые на всю Европу национальные парки — это было бы страшным упущением...