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Rogoznica is a small town situated between Split and Sibenik, but nevertheless the town is very popular among the tourists. This town is divided into a newer and older parts as almost every Croatian town is divided, in the first part you will find the majority of interesting places. Here you will find the town port, it was built in time when the Venetian Republic was prosperous and blooming. If you walk along twisting streets you will sure come across St Nicolaus and St John Trogir churches (mid. XVI), these ones were built in the medieval Dalmatian style. In the center of the town you will see the Ascension Cathedral built in 1683.


Those who are interested in the active rest will find all the necessary here: tennis courts, volleyball and basketball, in the water centers you can rent fishing equipment, equipment for diving, surfing, windsurfing, you can rent a boat, water bicycles and water bikes. In Rogoznica there is one of the most prestigious yacht clubs of the whole Croatia, “Marina Frapa”, you can play squash and bowling on the territory of the club, you can visit the fitness center and have fun in the night club.

The Fencing school was opened in 1987, and also International Fencing Camp under the auspices f the fencing club “Galeb Grafoplast”. There you can take a role of a musketeer and take a couple of lessons from the masters of fencing.



If you are keen on the natural landscapes, then you are to visit wonderful national parks “Kornati” and “Krka”. The first one is famous for unusually picturesque islands, the second one will astound you by the beauty of its lakes and waterfalls, those form amazing water cascades. There you can also find a lake with sea water.

Even the most sophisticated gourmets will find something interesting here, for example stewed fish “Brudet”, or mussels and shrimps cooked according to Rogoznica recipe, named «Dagnje na Buzara».


In general, your vacation Rogoznica will present you a lot of wonderful discoveries. Local traditions and customs, religious and cultural peculiarities, historical monuments, all of that is attracting the tourist like a magnet. If you decided to spend your vacation in Croatia, don’t even hesitate to choose Rogoznica, that is a perfect place for perfect rest. You will want to see all the places of interest, to taste the dishes of local cuisine, visit shops and don’t be afraid to get to know the locals. The photos you take in Rogoznica, will always remind you of Croatia.


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