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Pag Isl.


Pag is the island of salines and olive groves. It is one of the most beautiful places in Adriatic shore of which possesses beautiful nature, various coves and olives, cliffy and shingle beaches, endless softwood forests reaching the grim of tidal bore. All this advantages attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.


You can take home different riches that will remind you of the spent here. They are laceworks beauty of which can only be compared to famous laceworks from Brussels. Cheese produced here is in high demand far away from Croatia, sheep milk, olive oil made to a special receipt are also good gifts to bring home from Pag.


There is a town also called Pg and the legend says that is was founded in the 15th century according to drawings of famous architect Giorgio da Sebenico. Other late-gothic buildings are: the Yard of Dukes, not finished palace and church of Biskup which demonstrate the junction of Gothic and Romanesque of the Renaissance era.



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