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Brac Isl.


Brac is a high Croatian third biggest island located opposite to the continent part of Split at the Makarska. It used to be lone of the most popular places for building villas of roman magnates and that is why archeological excavation continues in many parts of the island.


There is an airport here. More than 40000 people land here every year, but airplanes from Russina don’t fly here yet. Coast of the island consists of coves with typical sandy and shingle beaches, reminding of the «Pirates of the 20th century» movie. You can enjoy the view of various beautiful yachts and ships, cruising the Adriatic Sea.

Climate is softer here than in the continent part. You can feel it even if you stay here for a couple of hours. Climate pattern influences the growth of various sun-loving vegetables and fruit including pomegranates, kiwis, apricots, oranges, lemons, watermelons. Local private villas drown in gardens.


Coast towns are really cozy – you can enjoy amazing Mediterranean color as the Adriatic Sea is a part of it. There are a lot of bays here that preserved virgin nature and clear water. You can really relax enjoining the view here.

Taxi trips around the island are available. Regular panoramic communication service from different towns of the island is available as well, so you can assess the benefits of such trips.

Brac Island is 40 kilometers long, so one day is not enough to see it all. But you shouldn’t hurry as the island is filled with attractive sights and places to see.


Sights of Brac

Skrip is the oldest settlement is the island and many old houses are preserved here now. It is located deep to the middle of the island in distance from sea and it was really dangerous as pirates used to hide here. At that time Skrip was an important town with a developed infrastructure but nowadays it is a kind of «a museum village» and only 189 people live here.


More about Skrip

You can rent a car or take a cab or an excursion program to visit the Vidova Mt. From its top which is 780 meters above the sea-level, you can fully enjoy view of the Adriatic, Golden Gape and the sunniest Croatian island called Hvar. Restaurant is located on the top of the mountain where you can order a nice dinner. Then you can look around a resort town Bol located at he bottom of the mountain and Golden Gape which outline changes during the day according to the direction of wind and current, for example – if you fall asleep on the beach at the noon you are guaranteed to wake up in the water.


Fish-picnics on ships are regularly organized from the continent but view of Golden Gape from above is way more interesting as it is practically a beach with lots of vacationers.


Majority of the hotels here are of 3 or 4 star class and are located near the shore. Some of them are refurbished.


The coast is very creeky. Shingle and sand beaches stretch for tens kilometers. Water entry is sloping which is very important for family and children recreation. The Golden Gape beach of Bol deserves special attention. It stretches from shingle for about 300 meters and changes its outline according to the direction of wind and current.



While resting in Brac you are recommended to visit an architectural monument «Blac desert», Drahoniva cave and Vidova mountain.


Windsurfing lovers will be surprised with wind, tennis players can use numerous clay courts, tennis stadium where Croatian open is held. Restaurants let you enjoy the quality and variety of local food, you can buy wonderful rose wine, fresh fish dishes and seafood which every foodie will love.


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