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Sibenik is a popular sea resort with Mediterranean climate a la dry tropics located in the northern Dalmatia. It is only 15 kilometers away National park Krk,20 kilometers away from the National park Kornati, 73 kilometers away from Zadar and 55 kilometers from Trogir. The Solaris Institute of thalassotherapy built in 1969 is located at the coast with a beach (small shingle) and it is 6 kilometers away from Sibenik and 60 kilometers away from Split airport. 15 kilometers opposite to it there is the Kornati archipelago which is one of the most famous national parks of Croatia. One more national park – Krk is extremely famous for its marvelous fountains and it is only 15 kilometers away.


Sibenik was founded in 1066 upon an initiative of Croatian King Petar Krecimir. It gradually expended around the St. Michael’s Cathedral and received the reputation of a lively tourist center regularly holding various festivals. It is also famous for its numerous sports and culture events. Amazing cathedrals, ancient temples, straight streets, all of which represent the influence of Venice on this town, can all be found here.

Major salubrious factors

Local therapeutic mud is considered to be the most effective one in the Adriatic coast of Croatia. The resort is notable for its microclimate – ionized sea air, phytoncids of pinery. Thalassotherapy, kineziatrics and physiotherapy give you amazing healing opportunities.



Major indications for treatment
The Institute of thalassotherapy specializes in rehabilitation of patients suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders. Advanced opportunities of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of bones, joints, muscular and peripheral nervous system therapies are offered to you.

Amazing opportunities to do sports and spend your leisure time are also available. There are 12 tennis courts, lots of volleyball and basketball courts, football field, a gym, mini-golf field here. Everything is provided for playing squash, archery and doing water sports. There are also special animator programs for children and adults.

Numerous small cafes, night bars, restaurants and disco-clubs located here form the amazing atmosphere of comfortable recreation. Tourists are offered lots of opportunities for active rest such as yachts, diving courses, horse rides, hunting pheasant, hare or a blackcock.



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