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Hvar Isl.


Hvar Island, known as the sunniest Adriatic island (it is sunny here in 349 days of a year), is located at the Dalmatian coast in the south of Croatia. Variety of sighrs, mild Mediterranean climate and the beautiful nature make the island attractive for thousands of tourists. The best time to come here is May-June when light purple lavender (it is a kind of symbol of the island and a poplar souvenir among tourists) and red-white-ad-pink oleanders bloom here. Besides, this place is far from crowded and the prices are quite low.


In summer you can sail from the town of Hvar to the nearby Pakleni otoci (which means «The islands of hell») where beautiful sand and shingle beaches are waiting for you. Such a scary name was given to these islands in the ancient times when the locals specialized in making a special resin for dipping the ship timber here. Nowadays the islands are one of the most popular resorts for nudists from all European countries.



The town of Hvar entered the List of historical Mediterranean towns at the order of the UN. The main town square is decorated with the late-renaissance Cathedral of St. Stefan with a beautiful bell-tower that was built in the place of a church destroyed by the Turkish intruders.

Many local and foreign architects, poets and artists who devoted a piece of their soul to this place lived and rested in Hvar. You can see it if you go up its tiny streets to the fortress where an amazing view of the island and its outskirts opens.



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